These are links to the mirrors of the first pages of the pop-history column, A History of Single Life, that Ken wrote on from 2005–2010. To reach the other pages, you will have to search the links in the search bar. Please note that they are written in a punchy, popular style and that some contain humor and opinions that do not reflect Ken's current opinions or sensibilities.

1. World War II and sexual freedom

2. Lord Byron and the Romantics

3. The birth of consent

4. Sex and alcohol

5. Sexual mores in the 1950s

6. Pubic grooming

7. Public sex


9. In memorium: Vern Bullough

10. Masturbation

11. Premartial celibacy

12. Economics and late marriage

13. Weight and sexual attractiveness

14. History of condoms

15. The vaginal orgasm

NB Ken no longer stands by what he wrote in this piece

16. Late marriage

17. Bohos

18. Abelard and Heloise

19. Libertinism

20. The Marquis de Sade

21. Infidelity

22. Sex with the Other

23. Kinsey

24. Vagina dentata

25. Plato's Retreat

26. Love and money

27. Love and money II

28. Age of consent

29. Diamond engagement rings

30. Sex and religion

31. Comstock

32. Pornography wars

33. Pornography wars II

34. Sex and the Internet